Lent Already?

I am still basking in the limelight, or should I say, pink light of Valentine’s Day. My husband and I usually celebrate at home with dinner, greeting cards, and chocolate, etc. It’s probably a holdover from when the kids were growing up because we always liked to celebrate the holiday with them as well. Now,Continue reading “Lent Already?”

Lost in the Fog

I’ve been thinking about the last moments for Kobe Bryant, his daughter, Gianna, and the other passengers on the doomed helicopter flight. I read an article related to flying in fog and how a pilot can lose their bearing because they can’t tell which way is up or down and the best course of actionContinue reading “Lost in the Fog”

The Importance of the Posterior Chain

Ok, during the holiday season, I took the Christmas boxes which held the decorations out of the garage and could feel that my stomach muscles were weak lifting the boxes! How can this be!? The boxes are not that heavy. I have let myself and my core get out of shape. I decided to getContinue reading “The Importance of the Posterior Chain”

“O Antiphons” of Advent

O Antiphons refer to the seven antiphons or short sentences sung or recited preceding the Magnifcat during Vespers, evening prayers, of the Liturgy of the Hours (or the Divine Office). In the Roman Catholic church, they are part of the special preparation known as the Octave before Christmas, December 17-23. December 24th is Christmas EveContinue reading ““O Antiphons” of Advent”

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