New Year’s Sloughing

CandlesThis year, I took an early morning bath when it was still dark outside.

Every year, at the end of the year or in the new year I have a tradition of taking a bath to “slough” the old skin– dead skin cells– and wash them away.  Granted, I can take a bath at any time of the year but it is especially fitting to take one at this time of the year.   It symbolizes for me, a time to rejuvenate, to release the old ways of being and doing, to symbolically remove the things that are not working for me and to refresh and revitalize the skin, giving way to new beginnings.
I generally turn inward at this time of year because of the decreased sunlight that accents the day  and I get reflective during my ceremonial bath.  I don’t really  think about all the things I need to solve when I am taking my bath.  I just let the water wash over me and I let the water soften my skin so that any callouses might be easier to remove.

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