Gummy Bear Heaven

Gummy Color Therapy
Photo by Surasak Klinmontha/Shutterstock.com

I am a creature of habit and sometimes I go on a gummy bear kick. I think I like to eat them because they are fat-free and tasty to boot. The only problem is they are pretty much all sugar and have no vitamins or minerals even though you may think they do since many vitamins are now of the gummy variety. One small bag of gummy bears run in the 300 calorie range and that is nothing to sneeze at. I like the German variety best.

I think one of the reasons I like them is because they are colorful. In fact, I think I like to look at the colorful gummy bears more than I like to eat them although I think the color entices me to eat them. Color makes me happy or at least happier.

Color is a welcome boost especially living in the Northwest where it is gray and dismal much of the year albeit very green. Color selection is big business, in advertising, apparel, décor, etc. I think it is fascinating. The colors you choose to wear and surround yourself with emote different psychological feelings.

I have a lot of black in my closet because black is easy and goes with just about everything. I also have a lot of the color pink, especially in the warmer months. Typically, I look out for the new color trends and try to buy the color en vogue just because sameness gets boring. It’s easy to buy a solid colored t-shirt or two and layer with a jacket. Voila! Updated wardrobe.

I’ve often thought about what heaven would look like and in my mind it typically looks like earth with maybe some more clouds. What if it was really colorful! …on earth as it is in heaven!


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