Chance Meetings and Dilly Beans


“Those look good,” I said.

“Oh, yes I am getting beans, all the same length to make Dilly Beans,” said Debbie, the farmers market customer whom I just met. We proceeded to have conversation about canning, etc. I continued to shop for produce but kept wondering about the Dilly Beans.

I caught up with her again at the check-out stand. “How do you make the Dilly Beans?”


“Let me have your phone number and I will text you the recipe,” said Debbie.

I felt a connection, even if only for a brief moment. She texted me the recipe to preserve the beans but I have yet to put them up.

I often think about how easy it is to meet some people and others not. I feel like I just want to make the Dilly Beans so that I can respond to Debbie to let her know that I was successful making them. I may need to wait until next year as the season for green beans is almost past.

Meeting new people is just a matter of talking to them and I feel that even though our encounter was brief we were friends for those brief moments. I do have her phone number so I will need to reach out to her since we have this dilly green bean connection.

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