Lost in the Fog

I’ve been thinking about the last moments for Kobe Bryant, his daughter, Gianna, and the other passengers on the doomed helicopter flight. I read an article related to flying in fog and how a pilot can lose their bearing because they can’t tell which way is up or down and the best course of action is to rely on the flight instruments or other instruments that the aircraft was not equipped with.

I remember while on a cruise that my husband and I were on, I was awakened late at night by the fog horn blasting. We had a cabin with a balcony and I opened the sliding glass door and was greeted by a thick, ominous fog like I have never seen before. It was so thick, barely making out the hand in front of my face, peering into the darkness trying to make something out in the fog only to have my eyes begin hurting. There was nothing to see. The ship sounded the fog horn every 30 seconds it seemed, with good measure.

This continued for about two hours as I recall. It came to be annoying, but more importantly, necessary. We were at the tail end of our cruise and heading back to port. I couldn’t sleep. It was eerie hearing the ship cutting through the water but not able to “see” it moving. It was scary, especially because I kept thinking we could end up running into something or running aground. I was thankful when we pulled into port. The fog began to lift in the pre-morning light but it was still hard to make out the dock even though you could just make out the obscured lights.

Sometimes we don’t see things clearly in our lives either because we don’t want to face certain situations or we are blinded by something else and can’t see it. Either way, just like with the fog horn blaring through the unseen, it seems unbearable not to see through the fog of uncertainty in our lives but we still need to keep moving forward. Just like in the fog, you need to trust that the captain knows what he is doing just like we need to trust God knows what he is doing because he has a plan for our lives.

Blessings friends,