Abortion’s Polarizing Effects as Roe v Wade is Overturned Today

Abortion.  I never knew what a highly divisive topic this would become and how abortion would polarize the nation as Roe v Wade has been overturned today.  

We knew a decision from the SCOTUS was coming because of it being leaked and what a blessing that the decision came on the day of the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus, one of the most widely practiced and well-known Catholic devotions.  The flaming heart of Jesus burns with love for all humanity.  The thorns for the suffering and agony of the Lord in His passion and death.  The Lord's side was pierced and you can see a few drops of blood that was spilled for the ultimate sacrifice for the love of man.

This devotion is viewed as a symbol of God's boundless, eternal, and passionate love for mankind.

Christ came for sinners.
A statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Photo credit: Adobe Stock/Godong Photo

Lord knows how this will end up. I think we all need to take a deep, collective breath, especially since much of our country’s leadership is in favor of keeping abortion legal.

We have been blinded over the past 49 years ( I am glad it did not make it to the 50 year mark) to or whims and desires and the attitude that our life does not seem to be finite. Yes, there are many social implications but keep in mind, abortion is not erased—the act of depletion remains with the mother—for she is mother at the moment of conception whether she carries the baby to term or not.

It Could be a Time for Unity not Division

It could be a time for our country to come together to support the unborn, to devise programs to help women in need, to focus on the structure of the family and support men as fathers. What we see celebrated in the main stream media is not necessarily what main stream Americans support or strive to exemplify in their lives. Yes, there is room for including, but not to the extent of “giving the baby away with the hand basket.”

Even though a women walks into an abortion clinic to eliminate her unplanned pregnancy, the life taken is never going to be erased. It will always be there, in the deep recesses of the person’s memory, whether there is contrition or not.

When we look at the “inconvenience” of bringing a child into the world, we must take a look at the bigger picture, at our responsibility at accepting the repercussions of our actions. As Americans, Mother Teresa advises, we need to learn how to love more. We need not accept violence as a common form of expression.

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