Getting Caught in the Rain and Encountering Bigfoot

When is the last time you deliberately got caught in the rain? We were at Suncadia Resort in Cle Elum, Washington. The weekend we were there proved to be more like “Raincadia” vs. “Suncadia.” All in all it was a pretty good weekend weather-wise.

The mornings were peaceful and our room was on the ground level so we could just walk out of our room and overlook the hills streaming with wisps of fog that were so beautiful. Also, out our back door were the 1000 steps to the river below. It wasn’t actually 1000 steps like the sign indicated but it was a good number seeing as we were panting on our way back up.

Right out the back door of our hotel room at Suncadia Resort
“1000 steps”

At the resort, there are many activities–hiking, swimming, golf. We chose to take a walk. When we started out the weather was decent, even sunny, and the fall colors were starting to come on. An hour into it, dark clouds spelled impending rain was rolling in but we chose to forge onward. It began to rain and we were getting soaked. We eventually took shelter under a pine tree for about 1/2 hour. Time seemed to stop then.

The rain stopped and we headed to the golf course lodge for a glass of wine by the warm fire and then eventually back to our room. The same day we headed into Roslynn, WA. You may remember the television show “Northern Exposure” which was supposed to be based in Alaska. It was actually shot in Roslynn, Washingon and I immediately recognized the signature mural on the town wall and a quick google search confirmed that this was the town. There were other people also taking photos in front of the wall but the town and show, I believe, have been forgotten. There wasn’t too much else going on. I suppose it was that way in the show, too.

We carefully walked down the steps that led to the river and on the way at each landing were interesting facts about local wildlife and a casting of their footprints in the cement. They even had a casting of “Bigfoot’s” footprint. What a hoot!

Bigfoot print

I would definitely recommend this resort, especially being so close to Seattle. It is comfortable, clean, and close to nature. It is a good place to relax and catch up on life.

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