From Darkness to Light

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Third Week of Advent

From Darkness to Light

During the holy season of Advent, we wait in eager anticipation for Jesus who is the light of the world—light shining in the darkness. (John 8:12; 12:46) We are also that light. Jesus tells us, “You are the light of the world.” (Matthew 5:14) We realize Jesus will turn our darkness to light.

The world is not always joyful.

The first week of Advent, I wrote about this darkness with the discovery of four murdered Idaho University College students. One of the parents of the slain students, spoke at a candlelight vigil. Slain student Kaylee Goncalves’ father spoke to the crowd telling them not to fear. Cast out fear by loving and hugging each other. I took heart to this bold display of courage. One of the darkest times of his life was wrapped in a message of love. Just as the advent candle is lit each week, reminding us of Jesus’ light, this father crowds out the darkness with words of inspiration. Let us pray for these families. 

I pray that light be cast upon the investigators’ minds and hands so that they can solve this case and bring the perpetrator to justice so the families can begin to heal.

Season of Joy Spent in Bed

I had a bit of my own darkness this week as I developed a bad cold midweek which prevented me from attending a few Christmas parties. No matter how much I willed myself to get better, I realized that my attendance would put other people at risk. I was disappointed that I couldn’t join in the festivities and I relinquished my desires and spent most of the weekend in a dark, quiet room. When I am sick, I have no desire to read, catch up on tasks, read a book or watch TV. I was just busy coughing and expelling all the junk from my sinuses that I could. I feel like I am on the mend and hopefully it won’t last much longer.

The season of Advent is one of my favorite church seasons of the year and our church lights the candles to the Advent wreath each Sunday. The third Sunday typically coincides with the celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the floral display is magnificent. This devotion is truly remarkable and really brightens the season of darkness.

Photo Credit: Mary Perkins Our Lady of Guadalupe Image Surrounded by Beautiful Flowers

Light up the Season with Joy and Kindness

Even in the darkness, there is light. The previous lives of the slain students touched many people and the memory of them is light no matter how painful. Spending that extra time talking to a loved one is light. Kindness shines a light. Doing good deeds and buying that special Christmas gift spreads joy.

One bright spot to the week, is that we were able to get our Christmas tree up and string some lights on it. The lights on the tree always bring me peace and joy that brighten the season. I still need to decorate the house for Christmas and I always tell myself I am going to start around Thanksgiving but I never do. I am not a huge decorator anyway so I will do what I can in the coming weeks.

When I am feeling a little better, I look forward to taking a walk around the neighborhood to see all the displays of lights. It’s interesting how extra lighting can enhance and lift moods.

Kind gestures from family and friends also brightened my self imposed captivity. A text recommending a cold remedy, food brought to me from a friend, and my husband’s homemade chicken soup were all appreciated.

Preparing for the Feast

It won’t be much longer before the earth begins to turn toward the sun again and darkness dispelled. At this time of year we turn to the Son more fully.

May Christ light your path and fill your hearts with joy and gladness as we prepare to celebrate the great feast of Christmas!

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