Advent is a Good Time to Exercise Body and Mind

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Week Two of Advent

Advent is a Good Time to Exercise Body and Mind

I can’t take it any longer. I gave up my membership at the YMCA because it became too expensive and I wasn’t using it enough. That was last spring. I haven’t really lifted weights since then but have been walking a lot during the summer and hiking a few times (great for cardio). Not so great on weak knees but I do OK taking it slow and easy. Today I experienced a triple relaxed encounter at the gym. Advent is a good time to exercise body and mind.

My husband and my son joined Planet Fitness. They have affordable rates so I don’t feel as bad spending the money. I actually signed up for the Black plan which gives you a little extra. I signed up today and decided to try all the different amenities.

I started with the Total Body Enhancement Machine, followed by the Massage Chair and then the Hydro Massage Chair. I wanted to try all three. The Total Body Enhancement Machine felt really good. The floor vibrated and the the red light therapy was a mood booster. It felt like my whole body up to my ear drums was vibrating and I can see the benefit of loosening up creaking joints. I will probably go into it in a little more depth in a different post on my fitness-well.com blog.

The Massage Chair did a good job of attending to sore and tense muscles and is more forceful than the Hydro Massage Chair. All in all, I came away relaxed. The best part for me was the leg press because I stretch my calves on that.

Advent Plan

Last week’s blog focused on my Advent Plan. It is very simply presented. During these dark, cold evenings it is easy to draw inward with a cup of hot tea and a good book. Lately, I like the quiet and will often retreat to a quiet room just to think. The end of the year, especially during Advent, it is a good time to reflect upon the year or even on life’s entirety.

I decided I did not want to give up my routine of lifting weights and getting my cardio in. Same goes for spiritual life. Checking in during the quiet time, reading inspirational readings or the beautiful Advent scripture readings. These are good to meditate upon.

If there is something on your heart take it to confession. It is a good practice to go to confession especially before Christmas and Easter. It lightens the load and creates a clean heart to bring to the Presence of the Lord.

Our Circular Lives

Traditionally, the candles for advent are situated in a circular wreath. I like the image of that. We start at one point and then come full-circle back to the beginning point. Just like our lives at times. The seasons are circular and come around year after year. Our lives, too, are a mixture of circular paths at times and that ultimately end back to our creator.

What a beautiful tradition we have in advent. It is celebrating our life as well as looking to the end goal. The end of advent is Christmas and the end of our lives goes back to God.

At the gym, I start with stretches to warm up my body so that I don’t injure my tight muscles. I then usually run on the tread mill followed by free weights and weight machines. I always end with stretching. This circular nature is how I put my best foot forward in the physical fitness area.

I invite you to look for your circular patterns during Advent. Let me know in the comments what they are.

My Advent wreath this year.

Lifting Physical and Mental Weights

There is a lot that weighs us down at this present time. Inflation, joblessness, inequality, moral decay. Just as we gain strength by lifting heavy weights at the gym, we must also become resolute in our minds. Put on the mind of Christ for he will see us through difficult times. I pray that your Advent is fruitful.

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