Sentimental Clothing: Why Do We Get Attached to the Clothes We Wear?

Why do we get attached to the clothes we wear? I want to preface this blog to say that I originally started writing the draft last September so some of the ideas might not apply right now but I wanted to leave it pretty much as is, as sort of a time capsule. I realizeContinue reading “Sentimental Clothing: Why Do We Get Attached to the Clothes We Wear?”

What Drives Me Insane

I am driven crazy by cords! I always keep them because I never now if I will need them again or not. First a couple of tips from Marie Kondo. Take ALL of your clothing out and put it in one place to sort. Whoa! I have done a version of this but I thinkContinue reading “What Drives Me Insane”

The Refuse of Life

Today I spent at least five hours sorting through paperwork that has accumulated over the years. It started with cleaning the kids’ room where boxes upon boxes of left behind school papers, soccer jerseys, old cell phones, books, etc., etc had accumulated. You get the picture. My husband and I consolidated items into small toContinue reading “The Refuse of Life”

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